Saturday, February 25, 2006

Good Financial Blogs

As you know, this site is dedicated to discuss financial news and investments. Of late, we have been analyzing some investments, especially stocks as opposed to discussing financial news. In this section, I wanted to highlight some interesting financial blogs I have stumbled upon. Not only do these blogs give a different perspective on investing, they are very educational and can help fine tune or adjust ones strategy. I have broadened my horizons by reading these blogs myself. Get a decent RSS reader and subscribe to these blogs, you will know when new articles are published.

2million blog

This is a great blog where 2million describes his quest to reach 2million dollars in net worth. 2million describes his strategy with useful points that one can use in ones own quest to achieve a financial goal. 2million is very open and discusses some of the road blocks and gotchas in achieving his goal. You can also learn some neat tricks and special deals by watching 2million achieve his goal.

Jane Dough Blog

This is similar to 2million blog except that a lot of personal details and anecdotes are shared. I like to read bostongal at the beginning of every month when she publishes her networth table. It is interesting to see how income and expenses stack up for a person in a different part of the country.

Hilary Kramers Stock Picks

I like this blog as Hilary goes about picking new stocks every day. Just like this board, not every stock she picks is a buy. She also doesnt share financial analysis of the balance sheets. However, it is a good read and does show a good stock once in a while.

Middle Way of Investing

This site is similar to mine with some nuances. Middleway's four part analysis of asset allocation was very good. He provided some very good links and good coverage of material in general. Middleway has a passively managed account and an actively managed account. The passive accounts invest in mutual funds or ETFs and the active accounts work in the stock market.

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