Sunday, March 11, 2007

Indian market overview

In the previous article, we looked at major India funds and compared their performance against the BSE Sensex Index. We found that the mutual funds werent doing well and were lagging the BSE Sensex by a large margin. When we analyzed the Chinese market, we found the results to be identical - the funds lagged the index by a large margin.

The BSE Sensex index went down by about 15% since its peak and it is a good thing. People may think that the market should go up but this isnt the case. A correction like the one we have seen is very healthy as it ensures the long term health of the market and killing excessive speculation.

Let us take a look at different funds to see how things look like. Let us compare the charts of the various India funds and EEM looks like when comparing against the BSE Sensex Index. The comparative charts of the funds and their performance is noted below:

Chart comparing BSE Sensex vs other funds

Even with this correction - the expected return for Indian stocks in a best case scenario is 10-12% for the next four - five years. A deeper correction will provide more upside if the economy is managed well in the next several years.

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