Sunday, April 08, 2007

UPS Analysis Update

In previous articles, we looked at UPS and Fedex respectively. Both the stocks have gone down somewhat since then and are relatively cheap. Let us look at these stocks, specifically UPS to consider its prospects for the next several years.

First, some high points from UPS annual report. UPS is going to celebrate its centennial this year. UPS annual report claims industry leading margins at 16.8%. For UPS, management expects 6-10% growth in 2007 over 2006. 2007 is decidely lacklustre year for this segment making it a good time to acquire shares in this industry.

UPS expects organic revenue growth of 6-8% between now and 2010 - getting the overall revenue to about $60 billion. EPS componded is expected to grow between 9 and 14%. This is good news for share holders. At the low end, the upside to share price is 40% from the current levels and at the high end, the upside is more like 70%. This is with a P/E of 18. Meanwhile, UPS will continue to pay out about 40% of the income in dividends - this comes to 2.4% yield per year. Four four years, this comes to about 9.6% over four years - it is likely that dividends will increase and the yield will be will over 10% over four years. In total, one can look at returns of 50% at the low end and 80% at the high end including dividends. This is a good pay out for the current investment.

Looking at the balance sheets - here are some trends for the past five years.

Growth of US Domestic Package - 4.6% per year
International Package - 14% per year
Supply chain and freight - 29% per year

Net income growth for the past five years is - 5.7%
EPS has grown at a rate of 6.4%
Dividends per share has increased at a rate of 15%.

The number of shares has declined in this period by 4%.

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