Friday, November 23, 2007

Retailers - DDS, COST and SHLD

In the article on retailers, we examined the price/cashflow situation of several retailers. We did miss a few retailers and in this segment, we will look at DDS, COST and SHLD.

DDS - Dillards is a very cheap stock with a price/cash flow of around 4.5. Dillards has been hit by intense competition in the retail sector. With EBIT margin of around 2% and with low ROE, ROA ratios, Dillards main asset is property, plant and equipment. Dillard's equity is more or less the same in the past several years and the property value is most likely understated. A buyout by the likes of Lampert can help unlock the value in this company.

COST - Costco boasts of having Charlie Munger on the board of directors and is indeed a quality company. As is the case with Wesco Financial, costco is not cheap with a price to cash flow of about 15. It has done well compared to other retailers returning about 25% for the year and is overpriced compared to its business fundamentals. There are better bargains out there compared to Costco.

SHLD - SHLD should trade at a premium given that Eddie Lampert is allocating capital for the company. The company generares ample cash to the tune of about 800 million - 1 billion a year and the book value/price is very attractive at current prices. Barron's valued the company at close to $300/share. Even applying a healthy 50% margin of safety to that value will value the company at $150/share.

The current retail environment is offering some great bargains and a prudent investor can make a boatload of money by exploiting the current environment to the maximum.


Anonymous said...

I like your analysis. I think buys of SHLD,DDS,LOW, and HD at the current prices(although I am waiting for a little lower on SHLD and HD), will be very rewarding for a 3-5 year time horizon.

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